With so many books available for at-home study, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you.

HSC subjects can only be understood to their full extent through study, revision and practice. As the old saying goes: Practice makes perfect! This is especially true when it comes to study time.


In this blog, we will walk you through our Year 11 top picks to help you get ready for your exams. We will break down each book and highlight the features which will help you learn and revise.


Which Year 11 Mathematics title is best for your academic needs?


Excel offers two crucial and significantly different book series. The first is a Study Guide. This book gives an in-depth breakdown of each topic taught in the subject and is perfect for a deeper understanding of the subject. It also features worked solutions and HSC-style questions for self-marking.


The second is a Revision and Exam Workbook. This is focused on practising for the HSC Exam. The book comprises exam-style questions and tests as well as worked solutions to help you identify the areas that need more work.



Scroll through our study guide top picks for Year 11 Mathematics

1. Year 11 & 12 Mathematics Extension 1 Study Guide


Year 11 and 12 mathematics extension 1 cover

The Excel Year 11 & 12 Mathematics Extension 1 study guide has everything a student needs for revision and in-depth breakdowns of each topic ranging from Year 11 to Year 12.


The coverage of both years of senior high school not only makes it an easier transition into Year 12 learning but also means each individual can set their own pace.


Students can progress into the Year 12 content if they feel they are capable. This title is ideal for self-directed learning and encourages a gradual transition from Year 11 to 12.


In-depth HSC exam-type questions feature mark distributions in answers. This key feature teaches students how to earn top marks and shows how they will be marked in their exams.







2. Year 11 Mathematics Advanced

Year 11 Mathematics Advances Study Guide

Another amazing resource for Mathematics Advanced students is the Excel Year 11 Mathematics Advanced study guide, which provides a deeper understanding of each topic. It provides a greater understanding of important concepts and provides lots of practice of the topics and processes with topic-specific tests at the end of each chapter. This helps to identify a student's strengths and any areas for further improvement.

The topics covered in this title include:

  • Functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Calculus
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Statistical analysis



3. Year 11 Mathematics Standard

Year 11 Mathematics Standard Study Guide

The design of the Year 11 Mathematics Standard Study Guide contains all the features students love about the Advanced and Extension titles. This title features up-to-date content that supports the current syllabus. This allows for the subjects and topics taught in classrooms to be further revised and understood outside of school.

Our study guides are best used alongside a workbook so students can take notes and answer additional test questions. We encourage the process of making handwritten notes; it has been scientifically proven that writing notes by hand reinforce in-depth understanding and memory.






Revision & Exam Workbooks for Year 11 Mathematics


1. Year 11 Mathematics Standard Workbook

Year 11 mathematics standard

Revision and Exam Workbooks are the best way to test your knowledge and identify strengths and areas of improvement. These books feature exam-style tests that can be taken under time limits to best replicate Year 11 exams.

This title is specifically designed to help Year 11 students thoroughly revise all topics in the Year 11 Mathematics Standard course and prepare for their class tests, and half-yearly and yearly exams.

It is the perfect addition to students' high-school textbooks.






2. Year 11 Mathematics Advanced


Year 11 Mathematics Advanced

The Year 11 Mathematics Advanced Revision & Exam Workbook provides over 150 pages of practice and students can write directly in the books. This encourages all learning and note-taking to be done within the pages of the book for easier revision.


The tests are self-marked with answers at the back of the book but the most important feature is the layout of the exams which are recommended to be conducted under time constraints to best replicate real exam practice.


Comprehensive revision in Year 11 will enable students to confidently progress into the Mathematics Advanced courses in Year 12. 






3. Excel Step-by-Step Algebra 3 Workbook Years 9-11

Untitled design (7)

Algebra can seem intimidating to many students but once they are taught the basics of the topic they will gain mastery of the subject. This book combines algebra learning from Years 9 to 11, which is especially helpful for students who might need different levels of explanation.

The content of the Years 9 to 11 Algebra title progresses into more complex equations and solutions, perfect for students who want to work at their own pace.


Additionally, each topic has a topic review and worked solutions which not only refreshes the content taught in class but also provides the student with valuable written solutions, notes and tips.







These resources are already used in schools and educational institutions across Australia. For the best chance at succeeding in the Year 11 HSC Trial Exams, these titles can help address a wide range of learning and educational needs.


Check out our Excel Year 11 and 12 range for more subjects and resources. Alternatively, visit our blog post for the Year 11 Science Study Guide breakdown.


These blogs will provide detailed features of Excel titles that will help students with their HSC Trial Exams in a variety of subjects.