Your Guide to Year 11 Science

by Pascal Press | October 4, 2022

Science is a subject that relies heavily on the way topics are explained so they are fully understood. The process of writing by hand, as well as reading widely and working through equations and calculations, is the key to successfully studying a science subject.

This blog will provide a short guide to the resources we have available for Year 11 Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) that will assist with trials and final exams. We will dive into the specific features of each title that makes it ideal for different educational needs.

These titles are also perfect for year-round revision and exam practice, ensuring students are fully prepared for all the final semester has to throw at them.

Pascal Press Resources

Pascal Press publishes Excel science study guides which provide Year 11 Science students with digestible content. This is done by breaking down each topic of the syllabus, providing explanations and exam-style questions with answers for self-marking.

The Excel Year 11 science study guides have everything you need in one book for the ultimate practice and revision.

Year 11 Physics Study Guide

Year 11 Physics study guide

Our Excel Year 11 Physics study guide has everything you need. Ranging from detailed topic explanations to practice exams, this title also includes a chapter syllabus checklist to ensure you have understood every dot point from the syllabus.

This is key to success during the exam period, as the marking of each test and exam aligns with the syllabus. Ensuring you cover each element of the syllabus means you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed.






Year 11 Biology Study Guide

Year 11 Biology Study GuideOne topic that Biology focuses on is identifying structural elements within cells, tissues and systems of living organisms. This can prove difficult without clear and concise diagrams.

Our Excel Year 11 Biology Study Guide not only has clear diagrams which make identifying elements easy but is also printed in full colour to ensure you can clearly identify and comprehend the various elements of all cells, tissues, organs and systems that are necessary for a complete understanding of the subject.

You are encouraged to have your study guide alongside a workbook where you can write notes and complete questions.




Year 11 Chemistry Study Guide

Year 11 Chemistry study guide

Our Year 11 Chemistry Study Guide not only includes written and illustrated topic explanations but also contains firsthand and secondary-sourced investigations which add a deeper understanding of the topics. This is then followed by key questions which further aid comprehension of the topic before the student completes a practice examination to test their knowledge.

This title is aligned with the latest syllabus (updated in 2018) and features all the core topics students have to learn in class.



Get exam ready!

All Excel Study Guides provide the ultimate topic-specific breakdowns as well as revision and practice exams suitable for all year round. Get ahead on resources for next year or simply prepare for end-of-year exams.