Want to Ace Your Elective Exams?

Electives are an important aspect of high-school learning and research has shown that students value elective subjects due to the opportunity they get to choose a subject for themselves. When students get to choose a subject, they naturally put in more effort and value their performance.

With all this in mind, how can you ensure students are achieving the best performance for their electives that they can?

You can provide them with resources that will encourage learning and general practice as well as exam preparation.

Pascal Press’s Excel HSC study guides and past-paper workbooks are all you need to get thorough practice, increase your confidence and foster your enjoyment of elective subjects.


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Success One HSC Business Studies 2024 Edition

Our Success One HSC range is updated with the most recent 2023 past papers for all subjects including Business Studies. Students are encouraged to work through the practice papers under timed conditions that would be experienced in the examination.

This provides overall exam practice and allows students to understand the demands of timed conditions. It is beneficial to attempt as many practice exams as possible. It is particularly helpful for understanding different variations of wording and different styles of questions.





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Excel HSC Business Studies Study Guide

Our study guides all offer an in-depth breakdown of the syllabus content. Another useful feature of our Excel Business Studies study guide is the breakdown of HSC outcomes before a chapter, which tells students specifically what outcome is being asked of them. In the syllabus breakdown, each outcome is broken down into comprehensible tasks.




Excel HSC Legal Studies study guide

Each topic is broken down into thoroughly explained chapters and shows the HSC criteria that are being met by learning the specific content. Understanding how to integrate what is being asked in the syllabus into your responses is a reliable way to maximise marks in an exam or assessment.

This study guide provides lots of space to write, highlight and take notes, which is crucial for optimal learning and memory retention according to studies.




Excel HSC Economics study guide with HSC study cards

Our Excel Economics study guide not only has all the content students will need for exam preparation, revision and content comprehension but also includes helpful study cards.

These study cards consist of facts, topics and areas of the syllabus content covered in the book that the author has considered to be essential.

The study cards are compact and able to be used anywhere for quick revision and self-testing.




Excel HSC Engineering Studies study guide

This title not only features in-depth written descriptions and explanations of each topic but also includes a helpful key terms and concepts glossary.

The variety of content provided within this study guide not only develops students’ understanding of the content but also links them with the relevant outcomes and syllabus requirements.




Excel HSC Food Technology study guide

The Excel HSC Food Technology study guide covers content relevant to both Year 11 and Year 12 students who undertake similar courses across different states.

A feature of this title that is a fundamental element of learning, comprehension and exam preparation is the revision questions at the end of each chapter. These questions come with answers for self-directed marking. With each topic having their own question test, students can clearly see the topics they excel at and where they can improve.




Excel HSC and Preliminary Design and Technology study guide

This Excel HSC and Preliminary Design and Technology study guide contains both preliminary and HSC content. This keeps all the information students need in one convenient place and allows for self-directed learning.

Students can work ahead if they feel confident in their learning and they can also revisit past topics, such as the Preliminary content, that needs to be revised. This title contains self-directed investigations and provides useful alternate websites and resources to find the information students need to meet syllabus criteria.




Excel HSC and Preliminary PDHPE study guide

This study guide contains both Preliminary and HSC content, which keeps notes, revision and practice tests all in one place for the most convenient and organised study. Students are encouraged to write in their guides and highlight information they can then use for dedicated study notes or to easily find in the book when they need it.

It is recommended that tasks are completed systematically throughout each chapter, which adds to topic comprehension. This title is perfect for both school and at-home learning. Within this study guide there are convenient HSC study cards which highlight the most useful and important subjects, terms and areas of the syllabus.



Excel HSC Studies of Religion I and II study guide

Each topic, heading, and subheading in this title is directly linked to the HSC Studies of Religion syllabus. This helps students keep track of their learning outcomes and ensures they are covering all the content they need to know before exams or assessments.

The guide also contains a glossary of key words and terms that are necessary for understanding not only the expectations of the syllabus but writing the best responses for a variety of question styles.

Students are also tested on their knowledge of the syllabus content with HSC-style questions which can then be self-marked and used to identify strengths and areas that require improvement.




Excel HSC Hospitality study guide

Our Excel HSC Hospitality study guide contains all the necessary information covering a whole year of content for the subject. With topic-by-topic breakdowns of each syllabus dot point, end-of-chapter tests and HSC-style exam questions, students will be fully prepared for their exams.

Additionally, this study guide contains mark-maximising tips and time-management techniques. These are valuable resources for all students to practise under exam conditions. They will help them get the best results possible in exams and assessments.




Excel HSC Information Processes and Technology study guide

This title has been updated for the most recent syllabus changes of 2021 and includes all the core subjects as well as optional topics. The book contains a variety of sample HSC Exam papers that utilise graphs, diagrams and tables as well as a variety of written content.

Our Excel HSC Information Processes and Technology study guide also contains an in-depth glossary of key terms and concepts for students to use in written responses.

Study cards are also included for quick and easy study on the go.



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Excel Revise in a Month HSC Visual Arts

The Excel Revise in a Month content is exactly what it sounds like! This title has all the key information in one place as well as a helpful week-by-week breakdown that determines how you should work through your content.

Broken down into four weeks, this book is designed to cover subject practice, conceptual frameworks, frames, case studies and sample HSC Exam papers. This title is perfect for students low on time or in need of a quick and easily digestible guide which covers all necessary topics.



More information and resources

With such a wide range of resources available from Pascal Press, you can ensure your child is prepared for their upcoming HSC Exams.