Our Top HSC Resources for English, History & Geography

by Pascal Press | October 4, 2022

It’s important to have a wide range of resources available for study, revision and practice during your HSC preparations.

With not long to go until HSC Exams begin, Pascal Press has put together our favourite HSC resources for English, History and Geography which contain everything students need to get ready for upcoming exams.

What is a Study Guide?

Pascal Press publishes Excel Study Guides for HSC English, History and Geography, among other subjects. These books are designed to provide students with all the information, revision and practice they need for their final exams.

All our Study Guides contain topic-by-topic breakdowns and a syllabus checklist, as well as practice tests and Sample HSC Examinations.

English Study Guides

Excel Year 12 Standard English Study Guide

HSC standard english required text breakdownThe Excel Year 12 Standard English Study Guide provides the information students need to successfully complete their HSC Exams. It covers all the prescribed texts and breaks them down into easily digestible topics based on the syllabus. 


The Standard English Study Guide includes in-depth analysis of plot, characters and themes, and encourages focused analysis of the texts.


It also includes key concepts and definitions for each required text. This is helpful for students to use in written responses as well as for their general understanding. The Study Guide encourages critical thinking when answering exam questions.





Excel Year 12 Advanced English Study Guide

HSC advanced english module

This title breaks down each module of the syllabus and highlights the ways in which students can be tested during exams. Each prescribed text is analysed according to the syllabus requirements of each module so students are able to work confidently under exam conditions.

The module-by-module breakdown and analysis is the best way to ensure students have thoroughly understood their texts and the application of literary techniques.

It includes key concepts and definitions for each required text, which helps students use relevant terms in their written responses.




Excel HSC Essay Writing Made Easy

HSC essay writing textbook

Essay writing can seem like a difficult aspect of the English course for students to understand. In the current HSC syllabus, students need to write well. The Excel HSC Essay Writing Made Easy title provides a step-by-step guide to building essential writing skills and includes sample essays with explanations and tips. 

While the standards-referenced approach to assessment does not explicitly emphasise essay-writing skills, writing well pays off in every subject that involves formal writing or extended responses.

The Excel HSC Essay Writing Made Easy resource is designed for students wanting to refresh their skills or struggling with writing at Senior High School level in English and other subjects. 




History Study Guides

Excel Year 12 Ancient History Study Guide

Untitled design (22)

History subjects require students to retain a lot of information that needs to be factual and correctly applied to the questions being asked.

This Excel Study Guide supplies all the information students need and also provides sample HSC questions after each syllabus topic.

It features suggested answers that break down the most important elements required in an answer that aims to achieve top marks. The Year 12 Ancient History Study Guide covers content such as the core study (Cities of VesuviusPompeii and Herculaneum) and the most popular option topics from Ancient Stories, Personalities in their Times and Historical Periods.



Excel Year 12 Modern History Study Guide

HSC modern historyOur Excel Year 12 Modern History Study Guide allows for content to be delivered in various formats that are easy to read and understand. There is a variety of written explanations as well as summary tables and maps. These different forms allow for maximum comprehension and fact retention while keeping students engaged and excited to learn.

The tables and summaries can also be copied and included in revision notes or added onto palm cards for testing. These tables highlight the main concepts and important dates and figures that are necessary to understand for exams and assessments. The illustrations provide a visual component that aids understanding and comprehension.




Geography Study Guide

Excel HSC Geography Study GuideUntitled design (24)

Questions under exam conditions can be difficult to break down to determine the best answer and all the elements that will be required to get top marks.

The Excel HSC Geography Study Guide contains a variety of HSC-style questions accompanied by suggested answers. This ensures students understand different responses that cover every dot point from the syllabus and gives students the best chance to succeed.

This title contains checklists of key terms and concepts, as well as tools and skill sets to make sure students have everything they need to perform to the best of their ability.

Check out our Excel Year 11 and 12 range for more subjects and resources.





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