Reasons to get a Book Pack for Your Child

by Pascal Press | February 3, 2022

Not sure what books to get your child this year? Here at Pascal Press, we understand it can be stressful to get your family prepared for school, with the dreaded long shopping list for new school shoes, cool backpacks, and the funky coloured stationery your kids bargained to get.

To help you out, we have made shopping for your child’s new study resources easy with a few simple clicks! We have put together our recommended titles and bundled them into a wide range of Book Packs. All of our Book Packs not only save you 20% but help your child achieve their potential this schooling year!

Want to learn more? Let’s answer some common questions about our Book Packs!

What ages and subjects are catered for?

We have over 60 Book Packs to choose from, catering to students aged K-Prep all the way to Year 10. For your child’s learning needs, there is a wide variety of Book Packs including topics such as English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, HASS, STEM, NAPLAN, HSIE & SOSIE, and General Capability.

What branded Book Packs are available?

Our Book Packs include the well-known brands Excel, Targeting, and ABC Reading Eggs & Mathseeds which have been written by experienced educators to support the Australian Curriculum.

Excel Book Packs

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Get the Results You Want with our range of Excel workbooks and study guides that have helped students excel in their studies for over 30 years. With over 30 Excel Book Packs to choose from you won’t be disappointed!

We have fun and engaging Excel Early Skills Book Packs for children aged 3 – 7. Our Excel Core Subjects Book Packs are great yearly revision in a combined mix of topics English, Mathematics, Science, and Technology. Or if you’d rather focus on specific topics, we have a range of Excel English, Mathematics, and Algebra Book Packs for your child. Needing to prepare for NAPLAN Online? The Excel NAPLAN Book Packs are a popular choice for parents who want to help their children succeed in the NAPLAN tests.

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Targeting Book Packs

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Targeting is Australia’s most engaging activity book series and is all fully cross-referenced with Australian Curriculum and state syllabus outcomes. This colourful Targeting range offers Book Packs for Science, English, STEM, HSIE, and SOSE. These resources motivate students to explore high-interest topics and include helpful tips to assist in your child’s learning. Perfect preparation for the school year to brush up on your child's skills and knowledge with a Targeting Book Pack!

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ABC Reading Eggs Book Packs

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ABC Reading Eggs has been created by a highly experienced team of Australian primary school teachers, writers, and developers to help children become fluent and proficient readers. The brand ABC Reading Eggs range offers Book Packs containing award-winning titles that are perfect for helping your child learn to read confidently and fluently.

The ABC Reading Eggs Kindergarten Essentials Book Pack is ideal for children aged 4 – 6 to learn through engaging full-colour activity books and a set of flashcards! Our ABC Reading Eggs - Starting Out and ABC Reading Eggs - Beginning to Read - Book Packs are fantastic for children between K-Prep and Year 2 to explore core reading and comprehension skills needed to be successful in school. There are 8 Book Packs your child can complete, which support and reinforce the lessons undertaken in the ABC Reading Eggs program.

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How do I know which is best suited?

Now you have gotten a great oversight of our amazing Book Packs, you must be wondering which ones are best suited for my child? A tip we have is whilst browsing your favourite Book Packs, we recommend looking at the content pages that are included in the images within the product page. This can give you a great insight into the learning areas, and whether it suits the topics you are wanting to revise and study! And don’t shy away! If there is more than one Book Pack that catches your eye, why not stock up and be completely prepared for all topics and exams this year!

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